Setting up the DSL 2750U

Update (Oct 10, 2013) – I no longer have access to this router, and will not be able to respond to your queries (or try them out to find a solution). Feel free to leave a comment however, and hopefully some other reader will be able to help out.

I’ve recently purchased a D-Link DSL-2750U router which includes an ADSL 2+ modem as well as WiFi N 300 capabilities. It’s brilliant for its price, and has worked pretty well thus far. I could have used the included setup CD, but that’s not how we roll! Today, I’m going to detail a few steps to get your DSL-2750U working via the web interface. Albeit a little daunting at first, the web interface is actually quite flexible once you get the hang of it. A lot of these steps are probably recyclable for other routers, more so for other D-Link products that use a similar interface. Continue reading